Animal Ark - Reno, Nevada

Animal Ark is a Wildlife Sanctuary & Nature Center that provides a home for life for animals that do not have the skills to survive in the wild, while also conducting thousands of education programs for school-age children.  The mission of Animal Ark is to “inspire environmental stewardship through wildlife education”.

In 2011, while in Kenya working on a cheetah conservation project, Aaron Hiibel, the Executive Director/Cofounder of Animal Ark, met Jombi Kivuyo and agreed to help him promote Tanzania Outdoor Adventures.  It was a perfect partnership as Animal Ark has been involved with cheetah conservation since 2001 and is well known for its high speed running program with its cheetah ambassadors.

Every year Animal Ark conducts photo safaris to Tanzania allowing people to experience the awesome diversity of Tanzania.

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Kili treks

Kili Treks was established in 2010 and has continued to grow and expand over the years. We are a Tanzanian company and carry out our operations from our offices in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. We live in Tanzania and are an independent organisation with no affiliations. The company was started by Wilfred Moshi and reflects the superior training Wilfred has received while working for some of the top trekking companies in the world. You can combine your safari with a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro for the ultimate African experience.

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