Jennifer, Kathleen and Todd Nash - Scottsdale, AZ

“Completely beyond our expectations!! My family and I would like to thank Jombi Ole Kivuyo for giving us the experience of a life time. As we are fairly experienced travelers, we were truly impressed by (and can not speak highly enough about) our guide Jombi. It was a bit difficult to think that we would spend almost 2 weeks traveling across Tanzania with someone we did not know. After the first 10 minutes of meeting Jombi our concerns were immediately removed. His warm heart, and inviting personality made us feel as though a family member welcoming us in their home. Jombi’s knowledge of history, culture, wildlife and ecology fascinated us on a daily basis. His experienced and true love for the land showed as he was able to find animals other guides could not find, making us the envy of other travelers (who were not so lucky) on daily basis. The courtesy and professionalism Jombi showed gave us a great sense of confidence that allowed us to experience the beauty of Tanzania without concern. The experience has forever changed our lives and gave us a life long friend in our guide. We only hope some day Jombi will come to visit us and stay in our home in Arizona so we can attempt to show him half of the hospitality he gave us. It goes without saying we would recommend Jombi to our closet friends and relatives and can’t wait to return for another adventure with him!”

Carrie Springer - New Jersey

 “I have been on safari with Jombi twice now. He is an absolute pleasure to be around and is a wonderful person to work with. Planning a safari for a group of adults while living on the other side of the world is not an easy task. But Jombi makes it easy! I trust his opinions and suggestions and know we will be in good hands. We are well taken care of from the moment we land to the moment we take off. In addition to becoming a good friend he is a great business man and a superb safari guide! I always learn from him and am continuously impressed with his patience and enthusiasm while on game drives. He is extremely passionate about the wildlife and culture Tanzania has to offer. He never fails to make our safaris unique, wonderful, and memorable experiences! Day in and day out he leaves a great impression on the hearts of his customers”

Robert M. Poole - Washington D.C.

“As the former executive editor of National Geographic Magazine, I’ve had occasion to travel the world under all conditions.Seldom have I met a guide with the professionalism and engaging personality of Jombi Ole Kivuyo.When I was recently assigned to write an important on the Serengeti for the magazine, I was fortunate enough to travel the length and breadth of that remarkable region with an even more remarkable guide–Jombi–who proved himself the ideal host. He was patient, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable about the Serengeti’s natural history and its rich indigenous cultures.

Although we were working under tight deadlines and difficult circumstances, Jombi made my work in Tanzania seem more like a holiday. He was especially helpful in giving me the proper introductions to the Maasai elders, who gave rare insight into their rich history and cultural traditions. Jombi helped to make the experience a memorable and rewarding one for me–that’s why I will call him first when I visit the Serengeti again. I hope it’s soon”.

“I enjoyed all of the accommodations because they were different from each other and had something unique to offer. I especially enjoyed the rustic tents (which I at first thought was going to be my least favorite). Being out in the wild, with a campfire, dining together (with Moses and Jombi) in a tent was special”.

Carol Harvist - New Jersey

“Jombi’s camp was exceptional and very enjoyable. The attention to detail was amazing and the camp fire was a great touch.

Holly Jamieson - New Jersey

Jombi and Gerald could not have been better. They were attentive and explained lots of facts about the birds, animals and people. They enjoyed what they were doing, always ready to help, supplied us with water, would ‘Simama’ whenever we asked to stop for viewing for photos, found football kits for our grandchildren, wonderful conversations, etc”

John Dyer - New Jersey